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Interview Advice

      • Research the job and company thoroughly. Try to know as much about them and their products and services as you can. Preparing will make you feel confident and you won’t be nervous if you are asked specific company-related questions.
      • Dress professionally. ‘Professional’ can mean so many things these days. Basically, whether the company’s dress code is formal or casual, make an effort to look presentable and well groomed. It matters.
      • Make eye contact. It shows that you are focused and confident. Listen carefully to what interviewers say about the company and the position and you may get the opportunity to feed back to them what they want to hear from candidates.
      • Show interest in, and enthusiasm for, the company. At the end of the interview ask about the decision making process and when a decision will be made and reiterate your interest in the vacancy – enthusiasm is very appealing whereas apparent indifference is not.

      • Try to keep your answers down to 60 seconds. You don’t want to be monosyllabic, but long-winded replies will make the employer lose interest and you might lose your own thread.
      • Allow plenty of time for travel to the interview and arrive early, rather than late. Also have a copy of your CV with you – just in case.
      • Listen carefully and answer questions directly. If you are unclear about a question, ask the interviewer to clarify. Body language can be critical, always maintain eye contact, avoid crossing your arms or any other closed or defensive body language and avoid fiddling with pens or anything else.
      • Be prepared to discuss how what you’ve done in the past will affect how you’ll perform in a future role. Give examples that demonstrate your value.Ask questions. Sharp questions will show that you are proactive and want to make sure that this company is the right place for you.